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EXPOBIZZ is an international business convention organized by WORLDCOB. It brings together leading companies from different countries to generate new business opportunities through tools that help them learn about others’ products and/or services.
Participating companies may display their products and/or services, give a presentation on their company, and interact directly with other companies of their interest through personalized business meetings. To achieve these objectives, they have access to the following tools.
  • SHOWROOM: A fair that gives companies participating in EXPOBIZZ a chance to sell their products and/or services at a stand. They will also have opportunities to learn about the supply and demand of other companies, gauge their competition, and study new market possibilities, competitive advantages, new investment opportunities, and more.
  • EXPOROUND: A tool that creates a special space for businesspeople interested in presenting their company in a more in-depth manner. Here, companies have the chance to give a presentation and make announcements regarding the products and/or services they offer, providing a detailed explanation of their qualities.
  • BUSINESSMATCH: One of the most important activities offered by EXPOBIZZ as way to directly generate new business. BusinessMatch provides participants with the system necessary to schedule business meetings with other companies in related or different lines of business so that they can get to know one another and exchange supplies and/or demands in a private, personalized meeting.


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