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There are two ways to become an associate member of WORLDCOB and enjoy all the business benefits we offer, as explained below:
This is a special membership, which may be accessed by winning THE BIZZ award. This award brings together leading companies from each country, who are invited to become part of our organization by purchasing a membership. In addition to enjoying all the services our organization has to offer, this select group of businesspeople also has access to additional benefits, the most notable of which is their participation in the most important business awards ceremony in the world, THE BIZZ, which has become a major event in the business world.
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To be considered for The Bizz award, you can nominate yourself by filling out the business excellence questionnaire.
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Through this option, all companies interested in forming part of our worldwide organization may purchase a membership and enjoy the services offered by the Confederation.
  • Members’ Zone: Members have access to a directory of other WORLDCOB members, a highly effective tool for establishing commercial relations. Members also have access to an up-to-date database for different countries
  • Trade Brokerage Consultancy: We will help in searching out goods and/or services your company seeks to acquire worldwide.
  • Corporate Image Consultancy: Members may request a free evaluation of the corporate image they project in the market. After an in-depth analysis, our specialized team will prepare proposals to help improve your company’s corporate image.
  • BIZZTRAINING: This page provides you with online access to business training on today’s latest issues, with recognized speakers from all over the world.
  • Business Center in Houston TX, USA: Here, WORLDCOB’s member companies can make themselves at home in a fully equipped office, from which they can do business in the city (at no cost whatsoever). This fully operational space is perfect for working and/or holding business meetings.
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